Lucky Della Verdina

LUCKY DELLA VERDINA: 2008 SI Black Gelding

Stable Name: “Lucky”



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Lucky arrived in Giacomo’s stable as a 6 years old and showed off for his beauty and his scope as a young stallion. As a 7 years old he was castrated and was given to a friend to ride since Giacomo had too many horses to ride. The horse developed well, jumping 135/140 classes and was later sold to a young girl who jumped 110 classes. After 2 years she quit riding and the horse was bought back, but he now lacked experience at highest level. After a few shows used to gain confidence, the horse started jumping very well and was 5th in a 145 grand prix in Gorla Minore. Following this excellent result the horse was ridden for a few shows by Giacomo’s sister in 130 classes with great results.

In 2018 they finished 5th in their first championship (Trofeo 1° Grado).

He is very scopy and easy to ride, and adapts well to all types of riders.