Another weekend, another show!

hello! great weekend at the Italian championships for young horse in busto arsizio! not too overcrowded, you got the chance to watch all the classes and enjoy the  show, including the foal presentation and the 2 and 3 years olds jumping!

Lillifee FZ (2011 For Fashion x Clearway)  was amazing as always and went clear in all the rounds she jumped ending her first championship in 9th place (because it was based on judges grades).

Favinia (2010 Calido x Grosso Z) was clear in the first two round and was in the top 5 before Sunday’s final. Unofortunately we run out of luck in the first round of the final with a misunderstading in front of the first jump that led to a refusal. she came back strong the second round to jump another clear round, so a great show overall!

this weekend Giacomo will be in Truccazzano with Doc, Cenerado and Atherox…

stay tuned, XOXO


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